Live Entertainment

Six Flags Over Texas has always had an abundance of live entertainment during their Fright Fest event, many running for quite a long period of time. Howl, a rock show, ran in the park for over a decade before ending a few seasons ago. Here is how the show line-up looks as of 2018:


Welcome to Arania's Nightmare

Playing in the David Blackburn Southern Palace Theatre, Welcome to Arania's Nightmare, a Fright Fest classic, returns to the park for another season. Join Arania on her journey to find a new husband. Husbands one through thirteen have all met mysterious deaths. What will happen to husband number fourteen?


Dead Man's Party

Hell Block Panic: These not-so-dead beings take the stage at both Gotham City Stage and Silver Star Carousel Stage to put on a dance show that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This show can be found at both the Silver Star Carousel Stage and Gotham City Stage.


The Awakening

The Awakening is everyone's notice that things are about to become incredibly scary around the park. Join around the Front Gate area as monsters from every scare zone in the park are unleashed.


WBAT Fright Time Radio Remote & Final Challenge

Join the crew of 1313 WBAT as they play the most exciting Halloween hits. Make sure to stick around for the trivia and games as you may walk away with a great prize. The Final Challenge takes place one hour prior to park closing. Located at Silver Star Carousel Stage.


Six Flags Dead & Local

Six Flags Dead & Local is a concert series that takes place on select dates during Fright Fest. Catch your favorite local bands playing live inside the park! Located at Gotham City Stage.


Haunted Houses

Haunted houses have been a Fright Fest staple since the first season of the event in 1989. The park provides a handful of houses with a wide array of different themes and scares. Here was the 2018 haunted house line-up:



We hope you aren't afraid of the dark. Blackout puts its visitors in complete darkness throughout the whole duration of this haunted house. Beware of the other creatures lurking in the dark. Located in Gotham City.


Cadaver Hall Morgue

Located inside Texas Arena, Cadaver Hall Morgue is full of creatures that may not be so dead. Try to avoid as much as you can, though the staff in the morgue isn't any safer than those who were supposed to have passed on.


Cirkus Berzerkus

Also located inside of Texas Arena lies the horrors of anyone who is scared of clowns. Cirkus Berzerkus is a maze of clown madness. Don't forget that you will have 3D glasses on the entire time.


Hell Block 6

Visitors of Hell Block 6 are in for quite the treat. This house, NEW FOR 2018, features violent criminals, insane inmates, and everything in between. Can you escape? Can you even survive? Located in Gotham City.


Piggy's Blood Shed

Perhaps the most menacing haunted house of them all, Piggy's Blood Shed provides intense scares. Come into Piggy's restaurant for a home-cooked meal only to realize you are the prime attraction to be an addition to the menu. Located in the Texas section.


Zombie Infestation

Located near Titan, be on the lookout for a war-like environment in which zombies prowl. You must attempt to escape in one piece as your human flesh will be the prime target of these creatures.

Scare Zones

Scare zones initially disappeared for a few seasons but started phasing back into the park. These designated areas of the park are safe for nobody as monsters roam with the intention to scare those who enter. Here's a look at what the park offered in 2018:


Anarchy Unleashed

NEW FOR 2018, the prisoners of Hell Block 6 have escaped and are running wild through the streets of Gotham City. These escapees have been known to travel in packs and may "slide" right in when you least expect.


Boomtown Terror

In 1787, a terrible disaster happened in the Boomtown coal mines. Due to a dynamite mishap, the mine collapsed and all miners were trapped and killed. Their spirits became trapped in the mines forever.


Freaktown Side Show

This side show was once the talk of the town. However, the most popular performers eventually left leaving nothing but the real freaks. Outsiders are not typically welcomed here. Located in USA.


Squeal Long Pig

NEW FOR 2018, beware as you walk the dark streets of Texas at night as you don't want to end up as someone's next meal. Don't take an involuntary trip to Piggy's Blood Shed.


Voodoo Swamp

Voodoo Swamp is quite the mysterious place. Take this path along the water and hope that you can see yourself to the other end. Many creatures lurk in this scare zone and they are well-hidden. Located in Tower.


The Witching Hour

NEW FOR 2018, 30 minutes prior to park closure the streets of Mexico and USA are no joke. Be on the lookout for all park-wide monsters as they attempt to create chaos on visiting guests.

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