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Fright Fest officially began in 1989 at Six Flags Over Texas and expanded to several other parks within the Six Flags chain in the seasons to follow. Six Flags spent many seasons in the 1970s and 1980s testing out Halloween-themed events and finally came up with Fright Fest. The event has always had haunted houses and other related live entertainment. In 1999, the Six Flags chain had a series of haunted houses themed around Alice Cooper. Some Six Flags parks had other popular themed houses as well. However, as of 2017, all haunted houses are specially themed by each park.

One staple of Six Flags Over Texas is the show, Welcome to Arania's Nightmare. Showing for over 20 years in the David Blackburn Southern Palace Theatre, this show has almost become a cult classic and yearly expectation to park guests. Today, Six Flags Over Texas boasts many scare zones, haunted houses, and live entertainment. Over the past few years, the park has continuously expanded theming and entertainment around the park and it seems that this concept will continue through future seasons.

Pictured: A Fright Fest guide from 1994.

Live Entertainment

Six Flags Over Texas has always had an abundance of live entertainment during their Fright Fest event, many running for quite a long period of time. Howl, a rock show, ran in the park for over a decade before ending a few seasons ago. Here is how the show line-up looks as of 2017:

Arania's Nightmare 2017

Welcome to Arania's Nightmare - playing in the David Blackburn Southern Palace Theatre, a classic with many park guests that is based on Arania, the black widow bride, searching for her 14th husband after all other husbands have mysteriously met their deaths.

Dead Man's Party - A dance show that travels throughout the park, playing at various times in between the Silver Star Carousel Stage and Gotham City Stage.

Goblin Attack Squad

The Awakening - Each evening, the park starts off their scare zone activity with an awakening of all the monsters and ghouls at the Front Gate.

Haunted Houses

Haunted houses have been a Fright Fest staple since the first season of the event in 1989. The park provides safe haunted houses with a variety of themes that can be suitable for multiple audiences. Here was the 2017 haunted house line-up:

Zombie Infestation Haunted House

Blackout - Located in Gotham City, a pitch-black haunted experience.

Cadaver Hall Morgue - Located in the Tower section, a hospital-like haunt.

Cirkus Berzerkus - Located in the Tower section, a 3D clown haunted house.

Piggy's Blood Shed - Located in Texas, themed around Piggy's restaurant.

Zombie Infestation - Located in Texas, themed around zombies.

Scare Zones

Scare zones initially disappeared for a few seasons but started phasing back into the park. Currently, Six Flags Over Texas is actively adding more scare zones as the seasons progress. Existing scare zones also tend to receive more theming each season. Here's a look at what the park offered in 2017:

Voo Doo Swamp Scare Zone

Bio-Mech Sector - Located in Front Gate Mall. Steampunk-themed scare zone.

Boomtown Terror - Located in Mexico. Themed around a collapsed mine. Guests will find half-dead miners roaming the pathways.

Los Chupacabras - Located in the Mexico section. Themed around the Texas legend of chupacabras.

Freaktown Side Show - Located in USA. Themed around clowns. Many of them do tricks and have loud toys.

Texas Scare-a-Tory - Located in Texas. Zombies dressed as cowboys roam the streets of Texas.

Voodoo Swamp - Swamp-like characters roam the areas in front of Roaring Rapids and Superman: Tower of Power.

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