Six Flags Over Texas

Where is Six Flags Over Texas located?

Six Flags Over Texas is located in Arlington, TX at the intersection of Interstate 30 and Highway 360, almost directly splitting both downtown Fort Worth and Dallas.

When is the best time to visit the park?

Six Flags Over Texas hosts various events throughout the year. The most exciting events are Fright Fest in the fall and Holiday in the Park in the winter. The middle of summer can become very hot, though the park has many shaded areas and trees. The spring and fall/winter seasons are the best for weather. If you are trying to avoid crowds, weekdays in the summer are your best options.

How much are park tickets? What about memberships and season passes?

Single day ticket pricing varies throughout the operating season. The best option is to periodically check the official Six Flags website for ticket pricing. There is typically a discount for purchasing online. Season pass prices are very competitive with single day tickets. It gives you unlimited visits to Six Flags Over Texas as well as other parks in the chain. Membership options are also available. These give you the option to pay for a pass on a monthly basis and also gives you the ability to cancel after 12 months. Memberships also come with a larger amount of benefits than a season pass which is why we recommend this option for repeat visitors. Check out our Visit Planner page for more park entry information.

How do I know when the park is open?

Six Flags Over Texas has a full calendar of park hours on their main website. Throughout the season, park hours may change or be modified so we recommend checking back at the calendar before you plan a visit. Click HERE to go directly to their operating calendar.

Is there a way to know which rides will be open when I visit?

Ride closures can happen at any moment and most of them are unscheduled. Some rides may close throughout the day and reopen the same day when the park deems them safe for operation. Water rides typically do not operate past Fright Fest and some rides may go down for scheduled maintenance in the winter months. We will provide this type of information when available. For the most up-to-date information regarding ride closures we recommend that you call the park's official phone number. If you are already inside the park we recommend that you visit Guest Relations located near Front Gate.

Does Six Flags Over Texas have live shows? If so, where can I find information regarding this?

Six Flags Over Texas usually has a summer, Fright Fest, and Holiday in the Park show line-up. We have all the information you need regarding shows on our Live Shows page. Show times, theatre information, upcoming productions, and more can be found on our Live Shows page.

What types of things are there to do at Six Flags Over Texas?

The park has many different options for people of all tastes and ages. You can find a plethora of thrilling rides in the park such as New Texas Giant, Shock Wave, and Titan. The park also has many kid-friendly attractions, including the recently-remodeled Bugs Bunny Boomtown located near the front gate. On a hot day you can check out the small handful of water rides, including the world's first ever log flume. If rides aren't your thing, the park typically has a good dose of live entertainment, some being indoors.

What if I lose something inside the park?

Guest Relations, right next to the front gate, is a place where you can report lost items. If an item has possibly been picked up and put in lost in found, this is located inside the security office. Security is located inside the red schoolhouse in the Texas section of the park. They also have the ability to mail you your items if you are in a time crunch. Please note that if you lose something on an attraction, they will not be able to look for it until the normal operating day has ended.

What food options do I have in the park?

The park has numerous food options. These include traditional hamburgers, BBQ, pizza, some healthy options and desserts just to name a few. We recommend checking out our Dining page. Here you can find a full list of restaurants as well as their menus, media, alcohol options, souvenir cup options, and more.

How much does it cost to eat inside the park?

The average meal can cost around $12-$15 without the addition of a drink. If you are feeding a family then it can become expensive. The park does offer family meal options to help save money. There are also dining plans available in the park. These are beneficial because you can use the dining plans any time you are in the park and some price points make the dining plans available in every park in the chain. If you are looking to spend no money, Six Flags Over Texas has a picnic area right outside the park that you can bring your own food into.

SFOT Source

What is SFOT Source?

SFOT Source, short for Six Flags Over Texas Source, is a comprehensive guide that features in-depth information for the park itself. We began in 2005 providing detailed information on the park but unfortunately shut down a few years after. In 2016, we decided that it would be a great idea to open the doors once again. Our website features great information on rides, dining, shops, live shows, discussion forums, and more. We also have great extra features such as an interactive park map and in-depth historical timeline. We put a lot of emphasis on the history of the park as it is the original Six Flags.

What type of information does SFOT Source provide?

We provide in-depth information on the park's rides and attractions, events and festivals, live shows, dining, shops, and much more. We also put great detail in the park's history with a full historical timeline, a Then & Now series, and a full page of past attractions.

Can I get in touch with other visitors of SFOT Source?

Yes you can! Our social media outlets are a great way to chat with others about the park. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Our social media accounts are also valuable for keeping up with park and website updates as well.

What can I use this website for?

Our intention is to provide you the most information possible all in one place. We give you up-to-date live show information, tons of info on the park's rides, a complete break-down of each area of the park, the most comprehensive history timeline on the internet, and a mobile-friendly site that you can access while at the park. We give you information on restaurants all the way down to the menu and if you can refill your souvenir cup. We are constantly adding new information weekly and strive to give the most current park information.

Is this the only theme park guide you have created?

Is this the only theme park guide you have created? No! We actually have a sister site, SFFT Source, which provides the same great in-depth park information for Six Flags Fiesta Texas.