General Information
42 Inches (None w/Adult)
Low Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Ride Statistics
Opened: 1962
Passengers Per Car: 4
Manufacturer: Arrow Development

Ride History
• The Chaparral Motor Company, which was located outside of Cleburne, TX, goes out of business with the appearance of the Ford Motor Company.

• Chaparral Antique Cars entrance is relocated next to Lone Star Theatre.

• The entrance to Chaparral Antique Cars is moved back to its original location.

Historical Automobiles

The Chaparral Antique Cars are the second-oldest continuously operating park attraction right behind Six Flags Railroad. The ride opened in 1962 and was modeled after the Happy Motoring Freeway which was the same style of ride but with more modern cars.

The Chaparral Antique Cars are themed after the Chaparral Motor Company that was based out of Cleburne, Texas. The Chaparral Motor Company began producing automobiles in 1911.

Not much has changed with the ride today. The cars used to feature coverings that have since been removed. The original queue house, though not used for the Chaparral Antique Cars from 2011-2015, still sits in tact as well as the original garage.

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