Near The Riddler Revenge


48 Inches

High Thrill

Over-the-Shoulder Restraints


Flash Pass



• Opened: May 28th, 2016

• Ride Type: Endeavour

• Maximum Height: 69 Feet

• Manufacturer: Zamperla

• Ride Colors: Black, Yellow, Red

Did You Know?

Bumper Cars

In 2016, Catwoman Whip took over the spot of an old Six Flags Over Texas classic. From 1973 through 2007, Bumper Cars resided in this location and were added with the then-new Goodtimes Square section of the park.

Unfortunately in 2007 the Bumper Cars attraction no longer operated at the park though it's building structure stood until 2015.

In 2016, the old Bumper Cars building was demolished and Catwoman Whip was added in it's place as part of the new Gotham City expansion.

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